Sourcing parts for first build with AirPlay

Hello all - This is my first build, and I've spent some time researching, but not everything makes complete sense to me yet. I hope you can weigh in with your expertise.

So, what am I trying to accomplish? Well.. I hope I don't get crucified for this, but this is more of a kitsch/style build than the pursuit of acoustic perfection (for now). Some of you may have seen this before (I can't seem to find the thread on djforums from a while back), but I basically want to recreate a mannequin powered speaker build, incorporating AirPlay. I figured the easiest way to do this, rather than try to modify something like Raspberry Pi, is to just use a second-hand Airport Express.

Since this is a first time project, I'd also like to keep the component cost in the sub $500 range - at least until I can figure out if this will really work and sound ok.

Obviously, since using a predetermined "box", it will be a sealed design and no room to varying the volume. Should I go the 2-way or 3-way route? Will a woofer with a 3-way set up make such sense? What's the best combination of drivers that work well - probably ones requiring very shallow dimensions (especially if using a woofer).. crossovers and amps?

There is probably a whole lot that I'm missing - and anything you guys can weigh in on would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, the mannequin is made of fiberglass, and I plan to add poly-fill. Also, the external controls will likely be volume and bass.

Thoughts? I know there are some really great minds on this site, and I hope someone can help me out on this little project.


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