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    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Sourcing parts for Dynaco PAS rebuild

Hey all.

I'm rebuilding a Dynaco PAS 2/3 with blank boards from Van Alstine. I have the parts list, and it calls for a part or two that I'm not sure where to dig up.

For example, the phono stage calls for a 1.15M ohm resistor - and that seems to be an odd value, especially from the places I usually look for audio signal quality resistors. Can anyone suggest a place to find an RN65-packaged resistor in this value? Anyone want to suggest a composition type while they're at it? This is going to be a "working man's" rig so the components don't have to be crazy boutique stuff, but I'd rather stay away from the generic passives from Mouser and the like.

Also, the kit (which I didn't get - I just got the boards & documentation) supplies Noble pots for volume and balance. the volume pot is a 100K unit with detents, and the balance control is a stereo unit, 100K, also detented. Although I'd like to use these same units, I can't find them anywhere; so any high-quality replacement will do. Any suggestions? The detents would be nice but I'll settle for any goot unit with a solid feel.

Thanks guys!

Jeff in NH


Paid Member
2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
> a 1.15M ohm resistor - and that seems to be an odd value,

1.2Meg won't kill you. Half-dB off far below 50Hz. The cap values dominate RIAA accuracy.

Cabon-comp in that position will add subsonic flicker noise without "adding" anything in the audible range (because it is swamped by capacitors).

1Meg+150K twisted together may be ugly, but works.