Sourcing Nakamichi parts

Specifically I want to find faceplates and faceplate sub-assemblies for the late model Nakamichi radio (the MB-X in particular).

I am not confident this will be easy to find every day on ebay. I wanted to know given Nakamichi product support isnt on the ball at the moment, are there any recommendations on how to source parts?

Also, I am curious from those here who worked on/repaired nakamichi radios. Does anyone know whether or not the MB-X faceplate is compatible with the MB-100 chassis? Physically yes. But will it work electrically?


2006-11-30 11:07 pm
The front panel (sub- assy) should be compatible.
Haven't tried it but they look the same, same circuit ribbon etc.

The main board is almost identicle through the range.
Swapping the main board will require the face to follow with it.
Also need to swap the 'CD' board (right side of chassis), but only to keep the correct convertor rates (24bit/8 bit etc).

Mech is the same, can swap between models with no probs.

(RDS face must be used on RDS boards otherwise you get no display).
The face is NOT (MB100/75 vs MBX) It's fun to see though ;).
Several buttons light up in different colours, display is blank, none of the buttons work.

Parts, yes, good luck.
Try contacting nak singapore, they seem to be the hub for repairs and info.