Sources for Large P.S. Caps

Does anyone know where I can order some High Quality
Large electrolytic caps? I'm specifically looking for
9200uf(or more) and 125WVdc(or higher). They needed
to be new as I am freshening my Carver TFM-42's
power supply after 10 years. Someplace that I can
order from without special ordering would be nice.
Allied (perhaps very good pricing?)
Future Electronics
the list is long

Shop around and be aware that you can not necessarily find identical parts from the various suppliers. I would consider getting 125 degC units, but they cost more. I would also consider putting in a larger number of smaller caps.

Personally I bought mine surplus, and yes they were old. 8 years old, and very rugged too. 125degC, long life, never used. According to the manufacturer, they would have lost approximately 5% of their life or less unless stored above 50 degC which rarely happens here.

Put some decoupling caps in there as well while you are at it, and if you don't have double bridges, consider changing to soft recovery diodes and double bridge topology (which avoids large currents in the ground.