Source(s) for large project boxes for external crossovers (

I want to move my crossovers into external enclosures, but I can't find any ABS or polycarbonate project boxes that are large enough. I've found some industrial-type enclosures, but the prices are ridiculous.
The PCBs are 16" x 10", and a few components stand about 3-1/2 inches in height. I'd like to have a little extra room so something a minimum of 18" x11", and at least 4" deep, would be ideal.

North Creek Music had some big enclosures for their B&W 801/802 crossovers, so something similar to those.


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Wood box is how I'm leaning since I can't find really find what I like without a ridiculous price. I've seen some wooden wine crates online that are about the perfect size; they don't have lids, but it would be easy to cut something to fit. I'll probably just end up making a trip to Menards and firing up the table saw to make my own boxes.
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Sometimes Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann have bamboo drawer organizers or the like that are pretty good (might take two, one flipped on top). I used some $5 ones for little parts express amps for my sister's kids.

They have pine/white-wood boxes too, but they are generally crappy enough you'd be better off making those yourself.
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