Source for so8 IC sockets?

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:confused: Does amyone knowwhere I can get high quality s08 surface mount 8 pin sockets?

manufacturer/Distributer/website/spec# ????

I need to audition various opamps on my audio board and the existing are so8 types. The possible replacements are all so8s also.

Mouser has a $150.00 Millmax universal...not an option.
Can't find any others. All others I found are so8/DIP adaptors

DIP/SOIC adaptor

Hi Morsel, thanks for the info,

Logical systems corp make a dip/soic adaptor board; (distributed by Digikey)

I have a couple of questions for you.:rolleyes:

1. If I use this in combination with a brndog adaptor, can 2 different opamps be used on each side. This might allow me to separate the functions of Buffer and servo on my Sony SCD board and hence I can optimize each function separately. Will this cause problems with power rails, say if I use the ad711 as servo and the ad8066/ad825 as the buffer.

If so will ps decoupling caps help?

2. Is there a dip daughter board in which I can us an LDO to reduce my ps from 16v to 12v to allow use of the ad8610/ad8620 in this position?

what do you think?:confused:
morsel said:
OK, I eat my words. Searching for "soic socket" on Google actually returned 275 results. Good luck! :rolleyes:

Don't feel too bad Morsel. I took a look at that list and just about all of them are for SOIC to DIP adapters designed for use in device programmers.

The only true SOIC socket I found is not designed to be soldered to an SOIC foot-print

I did find Accutek's SOIC Adapter Sockets to be interesting. They supply a SM dual row header that solders to the SOIC pads of your PCB and a small PCB with SOIC pads on top that you solder your chip to. The small PCB then plugs into the header. From the looks of it this should be pretty economical too. On further reflection looks like something that would be pretty easy to DIY.

This idea is cool because if you get several of the interface PCB's you can easily swap op-amps into a circuit to see how different models perform. Looks to be a lot cheaper than the ZIF sockets and will be a lot more likely to fit in tight quarters than the SOIC to DIP/DIP to SOIC conversion route.

I know, I know...!!!!

:rolleyes: I know it is all very in elegant, but short of cutting up my audio board and getting myself in out of my depth, it think this may work. Besides, it is reversable.:D

I don't really think option #2 is possible, but one can at least ask.

Question is whether there is a problem with having two dirrent opamps back to back on the brndog adaptor especialy with respect to the voltage supply.

watch think?
Hi PhopsonNY,

If you want to try a DIY version of the Accutek socket then there isn't any reason why you couldn't add bypass caps and a regulator to the plug in board as well. Have you got the inclination to make your own circuit boards? These would be pretty simple to make. They could probably even be single sided.

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