Source for metal speaker ports


2006-05-19 4:16 pm
you dont specify if you want straight tubing or flared.

for straight pipe, call a car exhaust shop. you can get mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. the latter will polish up nicely and remain so for a long time. also sells it.


2007-05-14 7:33 am
A metal port sounds conter productive to me. Wouldn't the metal ring like a bell and become too good of a sound/vibration conductor? If it becomes a problem, you could line it with a rubber like compound or glue a thin layer of foam to hidden surfaces...


2007-12-25 7:51 pm
Yes, the metal would ring like a bell. Even heavy pipes. But I like the sand casting idea because one could make it as thick as you like.

Don't forget the possibility of using fired clay. Highly malleable and has resonance properties more like concrete. Although I might consider mixing in a bit of powdered pvc or plastic to make it a bit less vulnerable to impact cracking.