Source for high-quality amp enclosure?

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... drool ...

Those are lovely, as is most of the other stuff on that site. Maybe it would be worth it to order from them and eat the shipping charges and duty, etc. Still cheaper than building a whole machine shop in the garage.

If you do find something comparable on this side of the pond though, please let us know.
pwag said:
I am in search of a high-quality 19 inch amp enclosure....
I am wondering if something similar is available in the US or Canada.
I wonder whether you found any suitable enclosures finally? (Your post was in July.... :) )

If you give up hope of finding case+heatsink, and just look for cases, then apart from Par-Metal, there are the following good chassis makers I have in my browser bookmark list:
When I say "good", I only mean that their products look like they are to drool over. I have no personal experience dealing with any of them.

And this page contains a list of chassis makers at the bottom. This page is from the very well written description of the Leach Low-TIM amp. Actually, this page will also give you pointers to heatsink makers in case you want to look for heatsinks separately. It has a big collection of links to suppliers for all sorts of amp parts. For what it's worth, I'd look for heatsink and chassis separately. :)

I think all of these chassis makers are on "your side of the pond" as you call it, assuming you do live in San Diego. :) Lovely city, isn't it? Was there for a few days in April 2001.

Hope this helps.

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Hey! I just found this system while following a link to Paia for something else. It looks perfect for Integrated amps, modular
multichannel gainclones , etc. I love that modular look!

Also I have mentioned this in the past:
(the transformer people)

then go to "Site Map"

and select "Chassis"

Doesn't have heatsinks fo r solid state, but they could be mounted on top!

I bought a 20-series chassis for my AKSA 100 amp at the beginning of this year. It was custom-made for a particular dimension with hole, rectanguar, and vent cutouts and was clear anodized all the way around. I'd have to say the build quality is excellent. The chassis came out almost exactly as I planned and hoped.

There were a few disappointments with my order though. I ordered the optional 0.25" front panel but instead received a front panel of the next size down (0.187" maybe). This wasn't too bad, since I only wanted the thicker panel for appearance. The optional panel cost $40 extra for the 0.25" and $30 extra for the 0.187" - I didn't realize this until after I was given the invoice.

The other problem I had was that the holes on one half of the bottom panel were off by 0.25" from what I specified. Luckily this wasn't critical. I have a feeling the error was due to the way I provided the cutout descriptions. A proper drawing is recommended.

The last minor complaint is that the handles aren't that impressive. I'll probably switch them out sometime in the future.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the Par-Metal 20-series chassis. I've recently read about some bad experiences with Sescom and am glad my order with Par-Metal came out well.

My post with more details of the completed AKSA can be found here:

Thanks Todd. My advice is to DEFINITELY CALL THEM. :nod:

Ask for John Ngo, listed as Technical Sales on the website. He's the one I spoke to all the time regarding the details of my chassis. It was suggested to contact John by another member of the forums who posted about their positive experiences with Par-Metal. My experience was that he's either slow to respond or doesn't respond at all to e-mails, even though it appeared he read them when I called.

When dealing with Par-Metal, use e-mail only to send files or specific details of your order. Call them to make sure they received the e-mails, understand them, and carry out the order exactly as you want. Clear communication will help prevent errors like the ones with my order.

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