Source for FRD and ZMA files?

Does anyone know a good source for .FRD and .ZMA files for drivers (to use in f4ier's Crossover simulation program)?
I know some would say - just measure your own - I will do that once purchased but I would like to do some initial sizings to get in the ballpark before purchasing drivers.
There were several threads out there from people who were starting pages for catalogs of such files, but several were dead links and one was in french.
Any good sources?
Have you tried Googling 'zma frd files'? I did.

Driver FRD & ZMA files

Also PM wolfteeth. He's got some as well.

A BIG CAVEAT! All of the files you find on the www were created by the originator's own testing methods. The most accurate files of this type are those obtained using a standard test baffle. If they were obtained using a home cooked speaker box of some sort, they may not be suitable for modeling.
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2010-10-01 10:43 pm
It was not my box account, but i do have the zip file. Ping me your e and we'll see if it's small enough to send. Not certain as I have not looked at it in a while. That was created in 2011.
No worries. I downloaded VirtuixCAD and another tracer program since then, so I can do this as long as I have a clear source of the charts (mostly PCD files). Thank you for your help, though!