Source for ESL Mylar in Canada

I am rebuilding an old set of Electrostatic speakers and am looking for a Canadian source for .5 mil Mylar or similar suitable material. I have found a couple of places in the US that are selling what I need but I would rather not pay the high shipping costs + duties if they can be avoided. Any help is appreciated. Thank-you
Canadian Shipping

When I used to live in Canada I bought stuff from the US all the time. Duty from the US is essentially nil now under free trade. And shipping is only a little more. Merely part of the price paid for universal medical care.

All theyding you for in GST and even that's not too bad if you have them ship it by first class mail. That is, if it is possible to ship by first class mail. Then, all Canada Post does is send you a card asking you to send in the GST and you have it. Too many things are unobtainable in Canada to avoid buying from the States. I bought stuff from the US all the time, since I was 15 years old, back in the 60s.

Of course, I solved the problem completely 4 years ago by moving to Los Angeles.

Another alternative is to have it sent to the UPS store in Blaine, the one just south of the Pacific crossing and go pick it up yourself.

Or go see David Lee at Vancouver East Speaker Clinic at 420 East Broadway. David will likely let you ship to his drop ship point in Blaine and will bring it up for you when he goes down there every couple weeks. That is if he does not already have some in stock.