Source for components in Switzerland/Geneva

Hi Swede and UrSv

I don't live in the Geneva area but may ask some colleagues from there.

For electronic components in general (also IRF semiconductors, RIFA capacitors but not these high-end caps and coils you are looking for) you can look at:
Farnell has a distributor in Switzerland as well.

If you need IRF components in larger quantities then it is advisible to contact one of the Swiss distributors mentioned on IR's homepage.

There is somebody working parttime as salesrep for Intertechnik Germany (he is also the Manger salesrep for CH):

Cattaneo Acoustics
St. Urbangasse 16
CH-4500 Solothurn
Tel. 032/621 31 21
Fax 032/621 31 22

E-Mail: [email protected]

Maybe the homepages of the the manufacturers you are looking for state their salesrep in Switzerland. Since I am mainly into active speakers I haven't used any Hovland or Solen caps so far.