Soundstream USA 305 Schematic or Equivalent

I have a Soundstream USA 305 that has a short burning up R208 (10 ohms, blue resistor bottom edge of the board) that is connected to the transformer secondary common routing to multiple transformer common connections.
All 6 cards are removed. All TIP's are removed.
I can not read any voltage or current numbers across the resistor as it heats up instantly.
If I remove the LM7815 and the LM7915 the resistor seems to be fine so I am looking to see what the 15v circuit consists of.
Will the resistor current be higher than a short in an Op-Amp assuming the 15v only contains the Op-Amps.
Does anyone have a schematic or a comparable schematic of the USA 305?
Thank you all!


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This resistor is connected between the secondary ground and the preamp ground. This is commonly caused by a shorted transformer.

Does it only burn when there are RCA cables plugged in?

You don't have to leave the resistor in the circuit, replace it with an incandescent lamp if you need to do troubleshooting with the amp powered up.


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