Soundstream TX2.1500


2019-06-13 6:45 pm
Good afternoon,

I managed to solve the drive transistors now I have the amplifier in protection since the tl494 is not oscillating these are the voltages in the tl494 what I do not know is that it may be causing the protection since the pin16 reaches an npn transistor which I pick it up and the protection goes away.

Pin1 0v
Pin2 4.94V
Pin3 4.54V
Pin4 0 V
Pin5 1.45V
Pin6 3.56V
Pin7 0V
Pin8 12V
Pin9 0V
Pin10 0V
Pin11 12V
Pin12 12V
Pin13 4.94V
Pin14 4.94V
Pin15 2.02V
Pin16 4.04V


2019-06-13 6:45 pm
Thanks Perry I still do not have the tutorial and precisely that is the transistor that I mention in post 2 when I lift it I have a nice square wave I understand then that by placing all the mosfet of the source the amplifier must turn on correctly or I am wrong