Soundstream 604 help needed

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I'm new to site/thread but have read a considerable amount about the soundstream 604. I'm still at a loss on how to repair and would like to take on the repair myself. Bought this 604 the other day from an electronics recycle outlet on the cheap knowing full well it was in need of repair. Unit will not power up, blows fuses immediately. Opened unit up and pulled PCBA and inspected components for obvious damage, burnt, poor solder joint, etc. Things looked good. The 6 Mosfets? D102, D104, D106, and D109, D110, D113 looked like they may have gotten excessively hot so I removed from PCB and ordered new Fairchild NDP7060 today. Measuring the 6 pieces resulted in very different readings.

Would like to take on this repair with my limited knowledge of electronics and would hope someone could walk me through. Have a Fluke 77 Multimeter and some basic knowledge on use. Help appreciated.
Rubicon 604?

The diodes commonly fail in the older soundstream amps. If any failed shorted, that could have caused the FETs to fail (if they have failed). The failure of either the rectifiers or the FETs could cause the fuse to blow.

In the future, determine whether the fuse will blow with only B+ and ground connected or if it only blows after remote voltage is applied. For this amp, install only a single 10 or 15 amp when checking to see if it's functioning after repair.

Read the basic amp repair page in its entirety (link in gig line below) if you haven't done so already.
Good news Perry!

I replaced all 6 of the NDP7060's mentioned in my first post after going to your web site and learning a few things it was clear, after measuring, 3 components in one channel were bad. Cleaned up insulator film and back of components then applied new conductive grease. Cleaned all the switches and pots with contact cleaner and exercised them. I soft power up amplifier with 10A fuses and then connected remote turn on, all things worked. Connected amp up with 10A fuses and drove some speaker loads and put it through it's paces and all worked well. No scratchy switch or pot noise. Replaced fuses with proper rating and closed things up.

Thanks for guidance Perry!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.