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SoundSplinter RL-p D2 Group Buy

Here is the terms of the SoundSplinter RL-p 12" D2 group buy being held by TeamSSAudio.com,

here are the words direct from Mike the owner of SoundSplinter,

If you can get upfront payment for at least 15 drivers, I will be willing to do a custom run of D2's. There are some conditions though:

  • Can only be for the RL-p12 model
  • Cost of driver must be paid prior to manufacturing (shipping will be paid seperately after drivers are ready)
  • All buyers must be willing to wait up to 6 weeks for their product (though given normal circumstance, it would probably not take more than 4 weeks)
  • Someone else would need to coordinate the gathering of interested parties such that all involved payments could be received within a span of 14 days. I will handle all collection and shipping.. I want to make sure that this can be done in a timely fashion when it is ready to move to the production phase.
    If these conditions can be met:
The price on the RL-p12 D2 will be $199 + shipping

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] , and no I do not work for SoundSplinter, I just know they are excellent drivers and I am personally trying to buy one myself.

The link to the original thread on TeamSSAudio.com is here >>
SoundSplinter RL-p D2 Group Buy

And the link to SoundSplinter's home website is >> http://www.SoundSplinter.com