Soundproof room


2002-02-04 5:34 am
I am new to DIY, and I have searched for this subject and found one thead. This thread however was talking way above my level of understanding, so I'm afraid that I must ask for a more simple reply.

Basically I wish to soundproof my room by instaling some sort of material on the inside of my wall and on my door. I have isolated two areas where most of the sound gets in and out. The first being a small panel in my wall which leads to some plumbing. Whenever someone takes a shower or turns on the water this horrible sound is produced, mostly mid to high freq. The other area is my door. Basically any freq will penitrate my door, but I'm mostly worried about the mid. I did read something about some fabric, velour, but am unsure what exactly this is. Because there are only two small areas from which the sound enteres my room, I'm not too worried about it messing up my sound. My budget is limited.
Thank You
I would pack the small panel with Dacron or Rockwool.
The Dacron will melt if it gets to hot and you will need more dacron than rockwool as rockwool is denser. Fibreglass should also work just as wel, depends if you like woking with it?

You could try a Dacron/wool/feather comforter/quilt over the door or maybe some carpet underlay, it will depend on the volume and frequency of the sound you want to attenuate? both these items will likly effect the sound in the room to some extent

Do some experiments with what you might have in the house already to get an idea of what you need.

Hope this helps
On the contrary, you have just not gone cheap enough. There are hollow doors out there. I just checked one of the doors in my house that is currently split at the bottom. Two rails of particle board for the sides and a sheet of 6-panel-looking something for the panels. Hollow.