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I've always used a denon AVR for a 5.1 system, currently the sub is Bluetooth connected. Klipsch speakers which work well for movies. the denon takes its input from the ARC hdmi input.

now I'm remodeling the room and it looks like i have to give it up and get a soundbar. I can live with a 3.1 setup.

So id have to get rid of the denon avr, and the l/c/R klipsch speakers (they are 3 separate units). if possible, I'd like to keep the wireless klipsch sub.

so my questions and confusions are many. do soundbars process the digital formats (Dolby dd+, atmos, whatever), send the l/c/R info to the soundbars speakers, and leave a line level output for the sub and/or surrounds? I can hook my existing subwoofer Bluetooth transmitter for the sub if they do.

need some enlightenment. thx
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If I am understanding you correctly you need a sound bar that has three channels (L/C/R), accepts ARC, can do some digital processing, and has an output for a sub??

That would seem to be a standard setup.
Doe your TV have a digital output as well as ARC?
What output do you need for the wireless sub?

I just did an amazon search and it appears that this type of setup is achievable with many of the sound bar options out there.

Don't hesitate to call the support lines of the different manufacturers.

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There are also some soundbars that use DSP and multiple drivers to create phantom surround/virtual surround. They're more expensive, of course, but they are a thing.
As I understand, Dolby Atmos is a 3D encoding, and it needs a soundbar that has extra upfiring speakers so that waves bounce from the ceiling in order to create spatial illusion.
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I have a basic Yamaha soundbar and would appear to do those things and decode all Dolby and DTS that I have thrown at it. Has inputs for Bluetooth, HDMI, HDMI ARC, Optical, Analog and output for a subwoofer which is already filtered. Mine's only 2.1 + sub out and has surround modes including DTS Virtual X but I don't use any of them and stick to standard 2.1.
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