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Its a long weekend here and last night I invited a friend over to hear some music.

We played some Cd's, vinyl (I have not built the The Balanced line Stage or the Pearl yet sorry) to start with and then had healthy feed and a good perv at a nearby restaraunt.

On our return the amp was cruising at 55 C and I ended up playing a new DVD by KD Lang ~ titled Live by Request.
(Code 7599385432)

To start with nothing seemed to jump out at us, but the detail and subtle transients were there, and then we heard her sing in full flight.

I have to say that while I have some reservations about calling DTS on DVD audiophile quality, the production values of this Album are excellent.

The Aleph seemed to draw out the the power and clarity of Lang's voice with a naturalness which is quite uncanny and it makes a dream real.

I can't say if my friend was stunned or just pissed off.
(He owns an AR and a Cary)

I highly recommend this Album as a best buy.


this is sure to get the fires burning, IS THIS A JOKE?!?!?!?!?

surely you cant be commenting on KD LANG, a strangled cat could have better musical quality.

now im not saying that your not entitled to like her music, thats fine, but you cant possibly say in any way that she has a voice worth recommending to benchmark a system.

the best female vocalist in Australia or possibly the world (big call) is Katie Noonan from George, get the song 'Special Ones', tell me how it compares to KD LANG (yuk!)
Griff and FlMike,

Sorry if I have offended you tastes buds.

I was actually referring to the production values of this particular DVD in DTS and the improvement in presentation the Aleph made.

I'm sure Katie Noonan would brush up equally well with similar recording skill. (Has she got a DVD out yet?)

I own a number of music DVD titles and in many the so called hifi element is lost in the mix and you tend to get silly effects all over the place.

It just so happens that with this title they got it right.

However, when played through a mass market wonder box (home threatre amp) the same title sounds very average.

I think Aleph AMP help a lot in the system. It can easily improve the hearing experience by compare with ordinary AV AMP or Power AMP, especially with good recording music.

Lately, Aleph make me go to CD Shop to buy more good recording material ( CD/DVD and others ).:p

:D Thanks to Mr. Pass
aleph comments

Hello All,

Last time I heard a Pass amp was Aleph 0, years ago, plenty of sessions, on a number of seriously good cabinets, including Cabasse and Accuton drivers etc.

I liked what I heard then, but the quiescent power dissipation goes against my grain a little from an engineering perspective.
How much is the expensive running cost worth - not a criticism, more so an observation - I refrain from leaving a couple or few hundred watts of household lamps on for 24/7 for no reason, for ethical and economic reasons, if nothing else.
I have lived longterm with a 500/4 + 500/4 high power, high bias A/B amp that bumped up my monthly power bill.

Question is - How do the more recent Pass amps compare sonically ?
Readers Digest Version thanks.

Also Bernard I agree that contact oil will impart nuance - can you say more of why you like ART 30 and why do you dislike Cramolin and what type ?.

Thanks and regards, Eric.

Thankyou for your replies.

At least one other person in the known universe likes KD Lang and uses the Aleph for AV.

>I have not heard the earlier Aleph series, perhaps some of the others may have and would like to comment.

Thankyou again.

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