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SOTA Sapphire Turntable with Eminent Technology ET2 project

A great-sounding turntable can be amazing in the right hands. Highly esteemed vintage turntable and tonearm. Refurbished, tested, and working. Both circa 1987. I am not the original owner. However, I installed new springs for the suspension system, checked vacuum motors, rewired the tonearm to new RCA plugs and installed a new I-beam bar. Also, the platter as a new mat (10/2023) installed by SOTA. I cleaned vacuum tubing and checked air bearing system, and checked 33.3 and 45 rpm speed and platter bearing. That is working as it should and sounds great. However, there are some issues:

1 - the tonearm does not have the swap function for additional tonearm bars for different cartridges. Bruce at Eminent Technology is a great resource, if needed, and you can upgrade the tonearm for the swap function
2 - the wooden cabinet around the table comes off easily if you put too much weight on it. Doesn't affect play.

Even so, with the work I put in, it sounds wonderful. Almost an equal to my Brinkmann Balance which costs many times more. With a little more tinkering you will get a super high-end table with a tonearm that is considered one of the finest ever.

You can audition it here or I have some videos of it playing or even set up a video call.

I will not ship, but will meet or deliver a reasonable distance from Philadelphia.

Price $1350 but negotiable

Cartridge not included.

Message me if you have questions.


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