Sota Sapphire identification

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Looking at a Sapphire with external vacuum and a toneram and headshell that I can't readily identify. This is apparently an early Sota Sapphire maple band with MDF plinth without wood veneer maybe around 1983 dark smoked cover.
I have not been able to identify the arm or cartridge other than the yellow mounts of the cartridge with "mC" and "yu" logos.
I will get the serial and call the manufacturer but until then I would like to know as much as possible prior to purchase.
Thanks to all
Does it have a black aluminum cover over the motor or a wood cover with inset lettering?

The platter vacuum seal lip starts to go on the older models, so be sure its in decent shape as SOTA charges a small fortune for replacement.

A new rubber seal is flat looking and older original ones are smaller and more upright in stature.

I had only casually glanced at this and do apologize for the poor pics but on second thought this may be of interest if I just could know what I'm looking at. I will have to travel a bit to get the serial number and the owner really isn't aware of exactly what this is. Maybe...