Sorry for not introducing myself sooner.

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I live in Perth WA, (West Australia (realy stands for Wait Awhile, and thats OK by me). Built my first amp, speakers and cass deck nearly 30 yrs ago. Work in the electronics industry; repair, FM station technician, etc.
In early eighties bought Acoustic Research AR9s (biamped)Yamaha C2a pre and 2 x Yamaha M2 pwr amps. Lived with that system for ~20years. Upgrades limited by WKM, (wife, kids, mortgage).
Foam speaker surrounds finally perrished this year:( Price of new speakers that have the range of the AR9s over $35k Aus. though many have better sound.

Problem; want to replace AR9s, keep the extended range, improve the sound quality and not remortgage the house.

Solution? Design and build new speakers with the good qualities of the AR9s and new drivers. I have demonstrated the advantages of active crossovers and multi amps many times. This time I am going to connect each driver to an individual low impedance amp, (for me quality amps are a dime a dozen) and use good qualtiy but cheap drivers, (probably Peerless) and suck it and see.

Thanks for any help that you guys and gals can give. Aplogies if at times I sound a little arogant/know it all, comes with age and trying to talk to HIFI salesmen, or at least thats my excuse.
Regards WALKER

PS The best improvement that I have ever been able to make to any home HIFI system is a new recording/CD/record, and it's also the cheapest.
hello Walker,

would you consider a fullrange speaker used as a wideband speaker?
Would be an expensive thing (US$1500 a pair), but you only need 2 drivers, one for each channel. The thing is made for an open baffle and sounds like a dream.
I am talking about the Fertin FLB20EX. an 8"- high-efficiency field coil speaker with whizzer cone and rubber surround.

If you are interested, I am just building a speaker with it and soon will post results.
Dice45, thanks for the suggestion. I've yet to hear a good full range speaker, that doesn't mean that I've listened to everything;) . I have a couple of great sounding 2 way speakers that I will continue to use but they have their limits.
Good luck with your project.
Regards WALKER
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.