sony vpl-px30 picture problem


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2000-10-10 7:27 pm
Is the projector's system producing the orange circle, or is something burned in to the image?

Go to Sony or and see if you can find a manual for this model. It might be just teling you to replace the bulb.

Also, can you reset to zero the lamp's hour clock? The image might go away long enough to determine that it's just an old bulb.

The manual gives no clues to the problem .it says replace lamp now, zeroing the clock makes no difference not even for a few seconds I don’t think its burnt to the image as the problem seems to be the whole picture with the blue background thing Tried to post a picture of the problem (60kb) but it didn’t work (pictures has to be no bigger than 1000x1000 message) don’t know what I am doing wrong seems pretty straightforward


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LCD problem

You have burn the Blue LCD panel. All the panels are alike. They are all black and white panels. The color come from the dacroic (spelling may not be correct) mirrors and filters. The optic assy. will cost you over $2500. Not worth it. I have repaced the panela and realign them. It's a real pain. The best solution is to find a unit sith a bad power supply or something to get a new optic assy. PS.... I am always looking for these to repair and resell. If you wnat to sell it let me know. Jim