Sony VPH-1040Q for $250

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I am able to get a Sony VPH-1040Q for $250CAD. Im wondering if its a good idea/deal to get it. It has just been serviced at a local shop. It was made in 1988-1989. The specs i know of is:

Bright 600 lumen picture from 7" tubes (Sony recommends it is best viewed in subdued lighting).
HACC lenses [High-Resolution Asperical and Color Corrected]
Color system: NTSC & SECAM
Composite Video and RGB inputs (standard VCR or DVD player output and RGB inputs for accepting a wide variety of signals).
Built-in speaker (mono), or works with your home theatre receiver & speakers, too.
Picture tubes are plenty bright and have lots of life left in them. Sony rates them at over 10,000 hours life (more than 5 years of use @ 5 hours a day).
Easy to set-up and adjust following instructions in user's guide.
Completely self contained - no need to add external cables or processors.
Also included is a copy of the complete Sony Owner's Manual.
In good operating condition, with some minor dents and scratches from normal use.
Mount "right side up" on floor or table, or "upside down" like I have done in the picture. Owner's manual tells you how to set the unit up either way.
Weight: 75 pounds uncrated -- 100 pounds in carton.

If you know any more info it would be very helpful :) and tell me if i should get this!!!

Go see it, and if you like it then get it! A DIY projector will cost the same or more (not counting the work involved), and not really be much smaller. Basically if you see it in person and it will fit your needs, then it's probably worth the $250.
Its your call, the projector is only 480i (interlaced). Should be pretty easy to setup, but not easy if you dont know anything about CRTs at all. I suggest you join and ask there.

When properly setup, it should give a very nice image!

Remember to look though the lenses, and see if there is any burn in or wear. If the tubes are all white, I think its worth it, if the tubes have some slight wear, as long as its even, it should be fine too. If atleast one tube is dark brown, or has some sort of burn in (text, logo, etc), forget it, unless you want to spend much more on tube replacements.

When compared to a DIYLCD projector (depending on which one, lets say a 15" with a 400w MH bulb), this one will have a much lower resolution (around 720x480 or 640x480 interlaced in NTSC, and 720x576 or 640x576 interlaced in PAL), may have lower brightness, but will definately kill the LCD in contrast and color balance, etc, IF PROPERLY SETUP.

P.S, dont forget to bargain!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.