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Sony VFET Amp boards - Papa group buy

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With a big heart I am letting go of my Sony VFET amp boards fully built along with the aluminium profile which I got in 2017 group buy kit thanks to Papa. I am now a fan of the SIT R3 amp and this one is not being used with the cabinet being repurposed for another amplifier build. I know there are many big fans of Papa's VFET amp so I hope another member will enjoy this amp for many years just like I did for many years. All genuine parts from either Mouser or Digikey or Newark have been used. Power mosfets are closely matched IRFP devices from alweit member of Israel when he was running his eBay store.
This was kept in safe storage away from moisture/heat etc. This is the essentials kit batch 3 and the matched VFETs from Papa himself :)

I will pack securely double boxed and shipment to lower 48 states. PayPal fees and shipping extra, make me an offer via PM.

Price $650 including US shipping.





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I am back and this amp is still up for sale. Got few inquiries for the fully built amp with case but as such I do not have any spare case to fit this amp and also increases the cost of shipping. Hence as of now decided to sell only the amp boards as posted in the pic.

Taking offers at $750 including lower 48 states shipping.

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