Sony TC-K770es rewind issue

Hello Guys,

A few days ago i bought a Sony TC-K770es deck. Apparently it has been serviced not long time ago. I noticed that when rewinding, after several seconds it starts forwarding itself without any reasons, and keeps on forwarding. It looks like someone presses the FF button when rewinding. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

Thank you in advance!
I am familiar with the mechanism in the TC-K770ES (TCM-200D6) and the only suggestion I could make is that the service was not done correctly. Possibly the mode switch is misaligned. You should return the deck to the seller or arrange a refund (or a repair). The TC-K770ES is a nice deck if works properly.


Hello, Alex,

I am afraid it will be difficult to make a return or get any refund, The deck was bought on Eb*y, and there is no return options, If the seller has sold the deck in this condition with premeditation, it will be hard to fight - I don't have neither tthe knowledge not the deck history.
Yesterday I noticed, a few things:
1. When rewinding and starts FF, the speed of FF is lower than the normal FF speed;
2. The left side of the FF button is pushed a bit deeper than the right one
3. The deck stopped it selfs 2 times while playing - it is hard to say how long it was playing. These were 2 different tapes;
4. When insert the tape the on the beginning, the signs "normal" and "CrO2" blink irregular, like the deck cannot recognize the type of the tape;
5. The "Dolby NR" sign also blinks irregular from time to time;
Please find below the link to the auction:

Is it possible that something happened during the transport and something inside makes a short connection from time to time? If the mode switch is dissaligned, as you suggest, is it possible to fix that?

Thank you,
If you mean the service manual of TC-K770ES, I already have it, but honestly I haven't red it yet. I presume the "mode switch" i position 59 on the attached prtscrn. Is that correct?


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