Sony TA-H3800 (MHC-3800) MOS stage upgrade.


2012-11-21 12:25 pm
Hello diy-ers.!!
I started a project on my little Sony amplifier. I found this amp on a scrapyard and took it. It's the power amplifier module from the MHC-3800 mini component hifi system and modded to work without the external standby voltage also found the pins from the system control port to give it directly the audio signal.

The unit has an STK 4162 (Class AB amp) which sounds pretty well but clips easily and amounts of distortion can be heard. I decided to make a replacement board with 2 TDA7294s and replace the STK. Glad the voltages are the same +/33V and conversion will be an easy thing.

Now I am waiting for ST to send me these sample TDA7294s and begin to build the board. Currently building the schematics and footprints of the IC on Altium Designer.

Next Update soon!!