Sony TA-3600 BI-AMP Very Low Volume


2016-05-13 5:47 pm

This is my first post here, I have some experience in electronics repair (DSLR Cameras) but not much in the audio and amp field.

I have a nice MHC-3600 system stored for some years, in decent shape, not used much.

The other day when I wanted to use it again, it worked and sounded fine with all functions (except the bad cassette belts) around an hour or so. I did not put the volume all the way up to test, just somewhere near the middle and it got really high as expected.

On the next day, when I tried, there was no sound at all. I could hear the normal relay clicks when turned the unit on and off. All functions seem to work like before but no sound...

- When I turn the volume knob all the way up, I can hear the radio, CD play and etc. very faintly.

- EQ screen does not move the bars as if the sound input is not present.

- Same results with the headphones plugged in; very very low volume.

As you know Sony used to make really good systems like this in the past which still sounds amazing, that's why I'd like to get this back to life.

Would anyone have an idea on this issue? Thanks.
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