sony str-de197 steroe amp service manual/schematic/advice


2010-09-27 8:01 pm
A friend of mine just gave me a Sony STR-DE197 2ch reciever/amp.

It appears to be dead, but I really don't know where to start as far as troubleshooting. I'm looking for a service manual for it hoping to find a schematic and maybe more info, but apparently, there's a fee to download it.

Aside from the really obvious things like blown fuses and checking to see if power is even getting to it, what should I start with? No parts look obviously burned, and there are not any bulging or exploded caps.

The transistors on the large heatsink are MN2488 and MP1620... if nothing else, would someone be willing to talk me through testing them, and maybe help me find an amp design that I might be able to build using parts from this pile of equipment I've started.