Sony PS-LX431 bad motor board?


I've been directed here by a friend because a couple of days ago, I started having some issues with my Sony PS-LX431 turntable.
It first started when I was playing AC/DC If you want blood, the record randomly sped up to slightly slower than 45 of its own accord then got faster and eventually slowed back down to 33RPM.

Now whenever I use the TT on 33RPM, it plays way too fast. Slower than 45RPM but definitely faster than 33, If I turn the switch to 45 it will play 45RPM records perfectly so only 33 is affected by speed. Another issue is after this started happening, I'm having to press the start button on the turntable then push the platter slightly for the motor to start turning and when I tested with a multimeter, any voltage to come through to the motor (5V came through) and this behavior is the same when playing at 45RPM.