sony N80ES blown tranistor


2012-07-17 7:53 am
I was adjusting the bias offset, finished the right and was busy with the left when it blew. It should be 15mv, the right was fine but the left was off. I did a recap a few months ago and everything was fine and I just wanted to check again if it was still at 15mv.
Q362 transistor and R370 resistor keeps on blowing in my Sony N80es. Just changed it and as soon as i power it on smoke!It's on the main A board (audio board)
Does anyone know if this is a problem that would be contained to the main (A) board,or could the problem be somewhere else? I was wondering if I swoped the main A board with another if it would do it again. I phoned around to have a prof look at it, but they want to charge me 100 Euro an hour labour, and said it could take up to 10 hours to find the fault, so that not an option for me.
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HIFI Engine has the manual, and the model is TA-N80ES

Go there and subscribe..then download, it is 5.49M pdf having 27 pages, including schematic, it is a Service Manual.




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