Sony DAT DTC 750 Heads

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I recently had a Sony DTC 750 DAT handed to me with new heads but the new heads had not been aligned and that was why it was free to me. Im looking for information on how this is done as i have never touched DAT before as my Sony TCD-D7 has never given me any troubles.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!
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Hi, Never worked on DAT but have worked on 1000,s V.C.R.s and camcorders which use similar technology. An oscilloscope and alignment tape would be a minimum and you would need to know the required test points. Basic alignment consists of looking at the R.F. envelope and optimising the tape entry and exit guides to ensure the envelope is flat. There are almost certainly other adjustments, drum switching for example. If you can get hold of an old 1980s service manual for a common V.C.R. this will give you some idea of the type of adjustments required. Dont want to put you off having a go, just be aware it is a skilled job with plenty of room for error. Correct alignment ensures that tapes are compatable with other machines. Also the pole pieces "head tips" are very fragile so be careful and do not scratch or "nick" the lower drum.
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It's quite easy to do a rough alignment of the heads that will do for most purposes as DAT does have automatic track following unlike analogue cassette.
You need a tape that you know to be correctly recorded on a machine that was correctly aligned.
Play it and turn the left guide (S1) until you find the point where the sound changes from distorted to clear WHEN TURNING CLOCKWISE.

Then turn a quarter of a turn clockwise.

For the right guide, (T1) find the two points where the sound distorts (UP and DOWN) and position the guide midway. There may also be a adjustable third guide (T2) just before the tape goes back into the cassette on the right. Shine a light on it and turn with pliers until there is no tape curl.

The try a few of your other tapes an readjust the left guide (S1) slightly if they are distorted.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.