Sony CDP-XA5SE Problem


2015-01-18 6:55 am
Sony CDP-XA5ES Problem

I ask for help with my XA5ES player, suddenly it doesn't work anymore.
This is what happen:
- the tray open
- then the disc-holding spindle moves gently outwards
- at the end of the movement returns unexpectedly back
- However, I can place the disc and close the tray but the disc is not recognised
- I hear mechanically noise and I see that the laser lens shake
I tried to power off/on with the disc inserted, clean the laser lens, changed various disc but no result.
Has anything similar happened to anyone?
Please help me, this reader is really a nice product that I wouldn't want to throw.


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2012-02-05 3:56 pm
Broken Sony CDP XA5ES

Is the problem solved?
What was it?
I have the same player, and now my player is having problem to start playing.
After a while it starts playing, and as soon as I pause or select another track it takes a long time to start playing again and it jumps to a random place on the disc.
If I listen closely it sounds like star wars until it starts playing.