Sony CDP-X33ES - suggested mods

Hi, this is my first post as a total newbie.

I have just bought a Sony CDP-X33ES of ebay for £60, is that a good price?

Secondly I am interested in modding it, what do you guys suggest I do with it?

I have just read an article in Hi-Fi world June 2006 where they did mod one of these using Audiocom Superclock 3 PSU Mk2 upgrade, and AD8620 Op Amp and a few other things such as changing the silicone powersupply diodes with HexFRED types but all this came to £550 in 2006. WAY TOO MUCH for me :whazzat:

Any advice or suggestions welcomed.

Thanks :cool:
I have the same CD player.

The first thing towards any upgrade or mod is to get a schematic diagram. There are many things you can do to improve the audio quality. If you are a serious DIYer it will probably take you quite a while, it is fun.

As it is over 15 years old, I suggest that the belts have to be replaced. After that, you can replace all the electrolytic caps on the audio board, and then on the power supply. I have used united chemicon (nippon chemicon in the UK) LXZ series, or Nichicon KZ series with excellent results.

I am more than happy to share with you the mods and upgrades down the road.

Hope this helps.