Sony CDP 750 Mods, help me


I buy old CD Player SONY CDP 750,
i want to mods some parts to make it better
all function in there were still works great

In the first time i have trouble in optical reader
maybe it is need change with a new one
but if somebody have experience change it
with better optic which can change it the old one
( A little mods is OK ) Please let me now

I really need your help, please help me
Regards, Jeffry
found the cd optical

i found the seller who sell cd optical ksa 150a worth US$ 40
so total cost was US$ 60 now

and the cd start to singing now
looks great with tda 1541 black in it


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change the caps

i change some electrolit capacitor with the same value

on the main supply
elna 4700uf 35v to nichicon kg 4700uf 50v
elna 3300uf 35v to panasonic fc 2200 uf 50v
elna 470uf 35v to blackgate f 470 uf 50v
elna 330uf 35v to blackgate f 470 uf 50v

on the dacs
elna 470 uf 16v to elna cerafine 470uf 50v
elna 220 uf 16v to elna cerafine 220uf 50v
elna 10 uf 50v to blackgate N 10uf 50v

on the output stage
elna duorex 47uf 16v to Elna silmic 47uf 50v
nichicon fx 470uf 16v to elna cerafine 470uf 50v
after change other caps

after i change the other caps on these cd
looks like the cd display was brighter
im very glad to have this cause i didnt know
where too find the display if it is really broken

i make some cd test with some capacitor change
before i continue my cd mods


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