Sony CDP 68 or CDP 750 Clone

I recently picked up a Sony CDP-68. I cannot find much info on it other that it has a TDA 1541 chip and 4x oversampling.

I bought it as a lark, and it started to skip while playing, so I cleaned the lens, and lubed the rails and gears. It now plays fine.

I read somewhere that it is a clone of a Sony CDP-750. If so, why make a 68?The build quality is not bad, either. The only problem was that the 6,7, and 11 buttons were stuck. It seems some manufacturing glue was used to adhere the bottom of the faceplate in addition to its three top screws. I was able to fix the 6 and 11 but not the 7. In other words, the machine is now about 90% perfect.

Funny thing is that it seems to play better than my HK7600MkII or any CD player that I have had including my unmodded Magnavox CDB 650. Am I crazy?

Anyone know anything about this machine? It only cost me $15.00