Sony CD-X33ES CD Tray not opening-help?

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Hi guys,
my Sony CD-X33ES that I have bought of Ebay has been delivered today by the post office. It looks great and weighs a ton but when I powered it up the Disc Tray does not open. :bawling:

I don't know if the post office have banged it around. :smash:

I am dying to hear the player.

I can hear a sound when I press the eject button.

Does anyone have any help or advice they can offer? :rolleyes:


gmphadte said:
U might need to open it up and check/replace the rubber belts.

Gajanan Phadte

Thanks for the advice, whats the best way to get to the belts, from the top of the case, or the bottom? I have had the top lid of and could not seem to get to the belts.

Can anyone advise on how to get to them and how many do I need?

Whats the sequence for getting the drive out?

Thanks again

This method is not model specific.

In most cd players, u will have to remove the front panel taking care of the cd tray.
Sometimes u need to remove it(tray) totally or its front panel. Then u will have to disconnect the connectors to the mechanism and unscrew it.
In some cases, just removing the cd tray gets u to the tray drive belt.

In case of sony and most others, in tropical climate, the belts need replacement in 2 years. No experience of your climate.


Gajanan Phadte

edit:No harm in opening all the covers and looking inside, first.
What does it do when you turn it on?

Any action on indicator LEDs?
Any action on the display?
Any noise from the CD drive at all?

Checking this first may tell you if it is a mechanical or electrical problem. If I were you I'd check all connectors going between the various PCBs inside the player. Make sure all connectors are properly inserted. It may help to wiggle them a little bit even if they look okay.

The CD drive mechanism sits rather deep inside the machine. To replace the belts be prepared to disassemble quite a bit.

Good luck!

Hi Børge,

thanks for the input, the machine was lit up and everything but there was a continual 'whoooring' noise and no action when I pressed the eject button.

I managed to finally take the mechanism out and in doing so the tray ejected it seem to be working ok now. Something must of been unsettled when it went through the postal system.

I have sound only on one channel on the fixed output and have sound on both channels on the variable output but it crackles when you adjust the volume. What could this be? Any help would be appreciated.

I must say that I have been blown away by the level of deep base on this machine. It has a CXD2552Q Dac does anyone know if this is multibit or bitsream?

Thanks again for all the help.

Hi Lee,

Connectors are again likely culprits. It may also be that the output driver/amplifier for the silent output. Try using an oscilloscope and work your way backwards from the output, trying to notice when the signal is different and when it is similar on the two channels. Usually, the left and right outputs should have a fairly symmetrical layout.

The volume adjust noise may come from dirt that has accumulated on the potentiometers. Try cleaning with alcohol and/or pressurised air. I've also seen "HiFi spray" bottles for this purpose.

Good luck!

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