Sonus faber minima -crossover-which one?


2005-07-21 5:20 pm
I have two minima's project with different crossover parts value.




Which one is the original??
Maybe it is after upgrade?? :rolleyes:
Why there is no info about them? :mad:
When they were made? Is this the real loudspeaker of sonus faber ??:rolleyes:
Best regards!
These are facsimile,not original Sonus Faber!!!!
woofer is different
tweeter is different
crossover is different
cabinet is perfect ( too much perfect, maybe the man has modified/ "upgradated" a pair of original Minima SF, in his attempt)
The minima project is about 20 years old.
Sonus Faber Minima

e-can, (sorry for my english)
I don't understand your position. Have you listened the SF Minima or not?
In the "hall of fame" of hystorical minimonitors Minima is a true little jewel. Some people prefer the LS3/5A, others the ENSAMBLE PA1 , others the Spica T-50 or T60. Do you know these speakers?
In a previous post I specified you all the story.
Seas 11 FGX = CA 11 RCY= H149 ( Madisound 43 USD each)
For the tw, if you have not the D28-D28/2, the MDT 30/32 is acceptable
in the simulator, The SEAS TFDC 27 seems perfect with the original filter. But this is a simulation, caution is required . ;)
Today Minima is out of production.
In Italy one pair of Minima used is about 450 euro.
I haven't others advises to you.

P.S. :In a Italian Audio Review interview with SF's Patron little time ago , he declared his reference speaker was Minima again ( not Guarnieri,Cremona,Amati,etc) !!!!!


2005-07-21 5:20 pm
I've just brought the speakers (excells and morels). I was wondering why there is no info about them. I've not listened any of mentioned monitor....Now I see why there is no info about SF minima...out of production...but I was wondering if there is any better project at the same $...I could buy the SS revelators,but didn't.....troels gravsen wrote that minimas almost beats his LS3/ I decided to build from your point of view it's a good choice to build minima's ?
I don't want any alu speakers...I prefer 'soft' sound..don't want to listen metalic sound....excell is much better especially paper one's...

the excel 4" is a bit different from 4" standard. No ideal situation.
But , you have the raw drivers... so try a prototipe and listen it!
I can't talking about things I haven't listened ;)
My opinion is irrilevant.
If you can try all the 3 x-overs and judge yourself........
good luck !