sonotube wall thickness

hey all, ive been lurking here and on some other boards for a couple weeks and i think im gonna dive into the world of diy and make a sonotube sub w/ a shiva 12 and probably the ava250. yeah i know it is about the most generic thing i could make, but i wanna go easy on the first project.

anyway down to the point... i found a sonotube supplier online: White Cap and they have sonotube for what looks like a good price. so what i want to know is, what wall thickness should i use? i see that they have light wall and heavy wall, but i havent seen any details on the dozens of pages i have looked at that say what wall thickness was used. i think it is light wall, but i want to be sure so that i dont get the thin wall and have it be as thick as a cereal box!!! o.k. a little exagerated but you get the point...

so any info would be greatly appreciated


edit: also, does anyone have the true measurements of the tubes? i.e. if i buy the 24" tube, i assume the interior diameter will be slightly less than the rated 24" nominal diameter. so any help here either for general dimension info?


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2001-09-18 2:33 am
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