Sonos Connect /ZP90 Digital Upgrade?

since there a a few commercial mods for the digital output of the Sonos Connect/ZP90 available (e.g. Magna Hifi, Gert Volk, Wyred4Sound…)
i wonder if it would be possible to do a diy-mod?
The Commercial ones are all around 350-400 € you can say the same than the sonos itself costs.

In most cases the modification includes a clock-upgrade, sometime with aditional reclocking of the digital output.

Anyone done that before?

Thank you and best regards
Yes it can be done, you need to know how to add a clock and vry familiar with power supply hookup.

None of these mods you have mentione are comprehensive. For the ultimate look at fidelityaudio psu if together with the w4s reclock an decoder upgrade, you will have a very very capable streamer, especially with the best interface if you like tidal streaming.

It bests a Auralic streamer but will be in similar price category after a very comprehensive mod.