Sonido 250 Open Baffle

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so, i am waiting on my drivers as we speak. The idea is to start a journey with my first open baffle.

The fullrange will be the below model from Sonido. Tricky question starts now with the woofer and the XO.

Cuurent idea is a Faital 15PR-400 most probably on a U-Baffle to save some space ...

Hopefully over xmas i will find some time for a prototype ...


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I'm very curious about your impression with Sonido fieldcoil drivers. Do you have any other FR's to compare to?

I also want to do some WAW and Sonido drivers are on top of my list. Although I didn't considered Open Baffle so far.

My strategy for X-over is to try / measure best point with decent DSP (which will than take role in hometheater scenario) and than mimic optimal values with Nelson's active crossover from store.
Hi Duc,

before I bought my AE Dipole 18, I had lots of fun with an AD R 1830 in a moderate sized OB. Depending on baffle size for the Sonido, I would be careful with an H-frame for the woofer when going passive, as you most likely will find that a crossover frequency between 250 and 350 Hz works well, and then you´re in the resonance region of any folded baffle, not good.

The R 1830 worked quite well with both a TB 1808 and a EMS LB8; should be fine with the Sonido as well. I even have a pair, should you be interested, just send me a PM.

All the best and lots of fun with the Sonido

Sondino appear to have been missed by Google of late....(which incidentally is becoming about the worst search engine imaginable ... unless you require a pair of computer speakers or an MP3 set-up. When I last managed to get to their site virtually everything was out of stock.

Any helpful suggestions?
Nope, got the woofers this week from Mattes and now busy with some basic wood work ... hopefully within the next weeks ...

The drivers look well made, there are are a few minor cosmetical issues with the casting at the back of the basket but for this amount no big deal. Will post some images
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Thanks DJN,

I can find the products on another site - a multi-agency shop, but STILL cannot find the Sonido makers website.

The shop - also in Cz appears to be out of all Sonido drivers in which I am interested.

I shall be very grateful if you can send me the correct address for the factory site.

Many thanks
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