Sonido 250 Open Baffle


2004-10-21 10:18 pm
so, i am waiting on my drivers as we speak. The idea is to start a journey with my first open baffle.

The fullrange will be the below model from Sonido. Tricky question starts now with the woofer and the XO.

Cuurent idea is a Faital 15PR-400 most probably on a U-Baffle to save some space ...

Hopefully over xmas i will find some time for a prototype ...


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2016-11-01 9:10 am
I'm very curious about your impression with Sonido fieldcoil drivers. Do you have any other FR's to compare to?

I also want to do some WAW and Sonido drivers are on top of my list. Although I didn't considered Open Baffle so far.

My strategy for X-over is to try / measure best point with decent DSP (which will than take role in hometheater scenario) and than mimic optimal values with Nelson's active crossover from store.
Hi Duc,

before I bought my AE Dipole 18, I had lots of fun with an AD R 1830 in a moderate sized OB. Depending on baffle size for the Sonido, I would be careful with an H-frame for the woofer when going passive, as you most likely will find that a crossover frequency between 250 and 350 Hz works well, and then you´re in the resonance region of any folded baffle, not good.

The R 1830 worked quite well with both a TB 1808 and a EMS LB8; should be fine with the Sonido as well. I even have a pair, should you be interested, just send me a PM.

All the best and lots of fun with the Sonido



2004-10-21 10:18 pm
Nope, got the woofers this week from Mattes and now busy with some basic wood work ... hopefully within the next weeks ...

The drivers look well made, there are are a few minor cosmetical issues with the casting at the back of the basket but for this amount no big deal. Will post some images
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