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First of all hello, I'm new here.

I'd like to submit a question

I managed to buy a T-Amp(the T-Amp is hard to find here in Italy, so I managed to have one from abroad,but it has not been easy!), I bought a stabilised power adaptor, 12 V, 3.5 A, to use it at home.
For the moment I found two loudspeakers of an old stereo I had, they have 4 wires each (grey, blue, ref, black) which were connected 2 by 2. I was suggested to use them this way, so I just connected them to the T-Amp, 2 wires for the red pin, 2 wires for the black, for both channels. I tried and it worked but after a couple of minutes it stopped. The T-Amp is still turned on with the red light on but no sound coming.
I checked the loudspeakers and I saw the couples of wires were for high (8 ohm) and low (2.7 ohm) impedance and the way they were connected was in parallel, so probably I used the T-Amp with 2.7 ohm impedance !! and now it's gone!!! :(

I'm wondering if this means that the tripath chip and all are gone, so I can throw it away, or could it be that by replacing some component I can repair it (it still turns on)? If yes, which?

Thank you for your help :)
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Is it one of the new pcb's with no solder between the chip's heatslug and the pcb? If so, I had a similar problem with one while testing. Just like you said, the sound cut out, the LED was lit, but the sound never came back. I was testing with an 8 ohm load too. I saw no visible damage anywhere and concluded that it had to be some internal damage to the TA2024 chip. Don't throw it away, if you manage to get another SI you can use the current one for spare parts...
Well, to better explain (sorry, I'm a novice ..):

On the loudspeakers I had:
HIGH (8 ohm): Black (+) Grey (-)
LOW (2.7 ohm): Red (-) Blue (+)

And when I tried I had (Grey+Red) on one pin and (Black+Blue) on another (and the same for the other channel). This made the amp sound disappear after a couple of minutes. Is it possible?

The loudspeaker have been connected this way to a stereo for years with no problems ...



Yes, I waited long, then plugged the amp again and tried only with the Black and Grey wires on the pins, but .. nothing !!

Thank you very much for your help; people!!!

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