SONIC MA-1 Tino Zottola

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New to Tube amp construction.

So I asked around and everyone suggested either AX84 or Tino's books.

Since it was a lower initial investment I went with Tino's book, and I really like the way he has everything laid out.

Before I started I searched the net for EVERYTHING I could find, there is the Kirtland site, he has great photos and good info, there is one small short video on youtube, and today that seems to be the core of it.

HOWEVER, when I was doing my research (January?) I came across a video clip of a guy who assembled one while on camera using RECYCLED parts.

Now I put that part in CAPS because all through the video the guy keeps commenting on how he likes to do all his projects in such a way as to be able to disassemble them and re-use the parts later.

Matter of fact he did his MA-1 on a bread board.

Unfortunately my PC died and while I thought I backed up all my favorites I simply can not find that one.

I'm color blind, so its either my 6yo or my wife reading resistor codes off to me, so anything I can see visually REALLY would help.

Does anyone know where this video can be found or who it might be?

Right now Im on page 18 of my latest google search, and I have found a lot of good info, there isnt much out there on this one.

I know its a pretty simple amp, thats why Im starting with it.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.


I guess you would love to get that video to guide you in construction.
Fine, I'd do the same.

Plan B: on case you don't, get into the AX84 bandwagon.
They are *so* popular that there's TONS of info, data, help, videos, MP3, layouts, etc. available.
Plus you can freely ask whatever you fancy at their Forum, answered by guys who actually built it short ago.
A great resource.

Start by the simplest one anyway, roughly equivalent to Tino's.

By the way, I LOVED the cool and safe way he used to solve problems of amps derived from the AC/DC dangerous ones so popular 60 years ago.

A tube amp fed from a single 60 VAC secondary transformer?
Simple and brilliant, the mark of Genius.

thanks, Ive actually been a member of ax84 for a few years.
They were the 1st place I turned when was building SS amps.

Then I found one of the posters books on tubes and thats what got me started.

Really Im looking for the video as a "confirmation". I'm quite sure im on the right track, I just like to see someone else working in the same way.

my next one (a tweed reverb from mojo) I know will be easier, since there are tons out there.

Honestly for me the ax84 has so much potential that by the time I got done sourcing it out to what I wanted I was over $350, and that was too much for a 1st attempt (for me anyway).

Interestingly I was using kirtlands photos asa guide, until I realized he had modified the original design.

thats another issue I keep running into, no one seems to want to try it straight up out of the book. I get the idea of mods, but sheesh!


Yes, the "just one little extra thing" temptation is hard to fight ... and you end up spending too much.
I'd say that you get a chassis perforated for the most complex one and proper iron, but resist the urge and build the simplest one.
You have ample time in the future to upgrade :)

*Or* straight build the TM1 and call it a day.

In fact, I liked it so much that I will first check if I can find a stash of cheap "useless" tubes, such as PCL82 or 50C5, etc. and build it commercially.

Of course I must have confirmed access to, say, 100 or 200 tubes or it's not worth for me (commercially).

Loved the idea of being able to use a low voltage transformer and at the same time, feed odd kinky filaments.
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