sonic diffrences between original SVI3205 and the replacment sanyo SVI3205C

Hi all.
i just repaired my beloved SU-V460 after years that i didn't use it.
it was poping and going to protect.left channel was coming in and out.

finally i have the knowledge to repair her and i did.
the disease on those are the inter connectors between the main board and the board which hold the tone adjustment,input selector and the volume knob.

i opened her and resolder every one of them.
then i connected the volume pot left channel legs directly to the PCB.
that took care of the problem.

now for the question:):

damn i was blown away by the sound that came out of that amp!!!
the HK AVR255 i used before was put to shame.honestly it sounded like a piece of utter crap compared to the technics.

so.....are you still there?

i want to keep a spare IC in case something happens to her(she is not young 27 years!):eek:

the originals SVI3205 are no where to be seen.
all i can get is the sanyo SVI3205C replacment.

question is,
will there be any sonic difference between the two?