Son of Zen Question

Heatsinks are a problem. The big ones are hard to find and expensive. The best bet is to try junkyards and surplus places. I ended up going with water-cooling, but that's not for everyone.
Changing the value of the resistors will change the operating point for the output devices. Within limits, you can fiddle with the values, but I'd recommend staying with the published values until you've got a good grasp of what the circuit is doing and why. If you want to modify it later, you can do so.


Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
The dissipation on the transistors is not so bad,
so you can consider sinking just them and using light
bulbs for the resistors ala Zenlite.

The circuit is not very sensitive to resistor values, so
the alternate values you propose will work.
Thank you for your help guys !

While I'm wainting for the part to arrive I found out a 24V 60W light bulb (that looks like an ordinary lightbulb). I don't know wath is the purpose of this lamp, since here in Portugal we use 220V... perhaps boats???

Well, after some measurements, V=2.6134*R-6.4318 is the equation of the tension funtion of resistence. 12V => 7.05 ohms

Now to see if they work I just need to see what will be the tension in these bulbs. I will use a 25-0-25 transformer.

If someone has built one with this transformer, share some info pleeeeeease!