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Son of Zen parts for sale

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I gathered all these parts, but alas, have no time to finish. Here's the list:
1. Qty 2 of Superior Electric Corp Powerstat Variacs; 0-140V out @22A, 3kVA.
2. Qty 8 of Dale NH-250 8ohm 1% 250W resistors; all new, except 2 that were mounted on a test bed.
3. Qty 4 of Dale 10kohm 1% metal film 1/8W resistors; all new.
4. Qty 4 of Dale 221ohm 1% metal film 1/8W resistors; all new.
5. Qty 6 of Dale NH-50 1ohm 1% 50W resistors; all new.
6. Qty 2 of Toroid Corp custom wound power transformers, +-46V @ 22A secondaries (~2kVA); new.
7. Qty 8 of Aerovox M 30000mfd electrolytics; NOS.
8. 200lbs of heatsink, pieces cut to ~13" by ~12".
I'd like to sell this as a package, as all that's left to get are the active devices (mosfets, rectifier), inductor, and hardware, plus your electro-mechanical design.
Prefer a Southern California sale, but will ship if the price is right. There's about 300lbs of stuff here.
$800 obo plus shipping. Pls let me know if my pricing is out of line.
Hey guys, any reasonable offer will be entertained! Also open to trades. I'm looking for high efficiency speakers, whether diy or commercial:
1. Raw full-range drivers (Lowther, Fostex, etc.) or
2. Front-loaded horn or rear-loaded horn fullrange speakers or
3. Vintage horns (Altec VOT, Altec Valencia, Klipshorn, JBL, etc.)
VuAmp2, I've been meaning to take some pics, especially since the response has been low, but haven't gotten around to it.

Aaron and 13th Duke, I'm somewhat open to selling the heatsinks separately. Like I said above, haven't gotten around to taking pics, but if you want, I'll get some taken tonight. The only think, as I said in my original post, is that there's 200 lbs of heatsink here, all in chunks of ~12" by ~13". Unless you're local to me in Southern California, I would think that shipping would be quite expensive, but that's your call.

If any of you want pics, or wish to discuss this with me more, please e-mail me off-board at jysun4@hotmail.com

On my search for heatsinking for the SOZ, I found a chunk of 12" by 12" of this heavy (~12 or 13 lbs) heaksink, at the electronics store frequently used by the company I work for. I knew the owner, & asked him about it. Turns out that a metal scrap outfit had a bunch of this, & wanted to sell it to him. Anyway, I went down to this metal scrap place, & they had loads of it, extruded heatsink in long sections. Based on my design at that time, I bought 200 lb worth. Wasn't easy to haul, & wasn't cheap, at least for me.
According to FedEx's website, Indonesia is not a country that is serviced by them...hard to believe. Anyway, via Global Express (mail), the shipping costs would be $36, including insurance. The package would get there in 2 to 3 days.
Were you interested in the NH-250s AND the NH-50s?
Please contact me offboard at jysun4@hotmail.com.

Also, the heatsinks are sold; thanks 13th Duke.
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