Someone know where they sell quality golden age(old 70's) hi-fi in australia?

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Second Hand Audio


You asked me in a previous post about golden oldies audio gear, if you my post you will see my reply. I do not know where you live in Australia, but the Trading Post at has a good listing in the "sound system" section of second hand gear. Also there are several older retired gentlemen in the Sydney area that buy and sell older stuff. I bought a set of speakers from a gent in Wahroonga, a northern suburb of Sydney. He has a basement with 2 listening rooms and tons of gear, 20 - 25 pairs of speakers and more amps and front ends than I could count.

So if you want let me know where live, I will keep you posted on what I find that would be applicable to your area. Also let me know what you are looking for and I will keep an eye out for you. I am self-employed and so I can usually fit in a daily round to check the gear in different shops.

Surf, Sun & Sound
SSS there are a couple of places here in Perth that deal with 70s vintage. I suspect the condition of the equipment though. I think that you need to replace all electrolytics, (I do ever ~15yrs in my own gear, and that aint cheap, but it has allways been worth it), clean and excersise all pots and scrub switch contacts with a fibreglass brush. Hopefully thats all.
If you do get a collection of some of that great old gear expect to have your weekends cut out for you.

Regards WALKER
thx s,s, & s

Any pioneer amp that is in the sa- 8000 series or sa- 9000 series will be 'OK'(for my needs).
However, these two amps in the links below are what I am really targeting at. They look great, has that power amp appearance, has tonnes of power(100 - 110watts RMS 8ohms) and they're flagship models. sa-9800.htm
(the better sa-9800)
If you think they're rare or impossible to find these amps below are good if not excellent like the above two amps -they what i really want.
(the older sa-9800)

Note, i only prefer pioneer amps for some unknown reason...appearance perhaps or maybe I ve been accustomed to them since I own is a sa-5500II and the other mentioned one was the sa-7300..which is currently now running my system.
Where do you live?


I know that you may want to retain your privacy, but if you could let know if you are in the Sydney area or close by I will keep a sharp eye for these amps. I found a Pioneer SA-5500 today in a shop. No 8000's or 9000's, though!

So let me know so if I spot one I know to pick it up for you. Also give me a idea of what you want to spend.

Surf, Sun & Sound

P. S. I am looking for a pair of AR-94's. Let me if you find a set for sale.
Another interesting source for old gear you could consider is Estate Auctions. You can check these out in the classifieds of your local rag. The adverts are usually in the Sat. paper for the following week. You may have to do the rounds for a while, but interesting stuff crops up from time to time...
I live in the parramatta area...more specific ? lm in a suburb called ermington. If you find something good in the area than post the address of the site...dont need to personally deliver the amps for me..lm just a college student and parents won't allow for an obvious reason.

Actually post any great amp u found...if its worth it I can go nearly anyshop in sydney within a 30km radius to my area whether its in sutherland...hornsby..or st marys(Penriths abit too far).

NOTE: The two top models is what I am really looking for

I have a LOW budget
for the 9000series I can to spend $400-$530 absolute maximum
for the 8500+series I will spend $350 - $450
for the 8000 - 8500 series I will spend $350 - $400
anything exceeding those budgets means its ripping me off.

AMP must be in fine and working condition-I can tolerate MINOR cosmetic scratches..any amp that is shpwing that it has been abused(knobs missing..major scratches) is out of the question.

here look at this...a fine working 8500 amp

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Was not trying to be pushy or nosey


I live in the Eastern Suburbs, which is good place to find good stuff cheap because everyone here wants the latest and greatest and drops the older stuff for a song. I will keep a weather eye out for you and E-mail if I see anything that you are lookng for. If I happen onto one at spot where it is either now or never I will get it for you. I seen a Marantz CD-67 in mint condition for $20. I do not really need another CD player so I left it go.

So I will keep a watch for you.

if you find anything great.. post it immediatley before anyone else gets it!!
I found a 9900 amp at but Im pretty much scared of buying things overseas...I didnt have the money then and have to paid substantially more anyway than buying it locally at sydney...heard that things can get lost during shipping and no insurance will be a disaster...and I have absolutley no experience in internet shopping

note...I dont want any amp below 8000 since I already have a fine working sa-7300. Maybe a sa-7800 with that cool light meter would qualify to mY expectations if it is below $350.
if you go to this link u know why it is so attractive despite it is a low end model

thx anyway


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I picked up a SA-7500 during the local councils hard rubbish pick up, it was sitting their beside 2 old Yaesu amateur radios (inc. valves), with the mains leads cut off close to the chassis, after inspection I replaced the mains lead and it worked, no problems.

I also found a TX-8500 II at a Cash Convertors for A$30.00, damed good tuner too.
At the same Cash Convertors recently a pair of JVC electrostats showed up for about A$200, gone by the time I got back, haven't been able to find any info on them at all.

The trick with stores like Cash Convertors is to get there when the new stock is put on the floor, or you will never see it, in my area I think its late Wednesday early Thursday.

Also check out the local electronics fix it shops, sometimes they get old Japanese equipment in to repair and for whatever reason it gets left their after repair.

The Russian site <a href="">Kostromskoi online</a> has the Schematic for the <a href="">SA9800</a>, its very big, cropped it to 3+ A3 pages.


The Pioneer, original parts, sounds nowhere near as nice as my Hiraga Class A.
good sound

oh yeah i forgot the most important thing!

Ive only considered build quality but haven't considered the sound

Do those high end pioneer amps sound good and accurate?

are there any better sounding vintage brands that have amps available at roughly the same price range and power as the pioneers? (Marantz? luxman? sansui? etc)

checked marantz and their amps are quite good. Keep an eye for these highend amp models and if you happen to find one of them (or more) plz tell me where they are imediatley:
1300DC (flagship integrated)


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chunky power amps

note the following power amps

Marantz 510m (flagship model) 256W RMS
marantz 510 256W RMS
marantz 400m ?
marantz 250m 126W RMS
pioneer spec 2 250W RMS?
pioneer spec 4 250W RMS?

if someone knows where they are sold in australia plz tell me where they are sold.

by the way, which brand would you prefer, marantz or pioneer?
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