Someone experiance with ab int. precendent 1450?


2011-06-18 11:17 pm
I got this amp with the idea to try and fix it. (didn't work at all)

Long story short, the powersupply was shorted out and the ps pcb wasn't all that anymore as well. Took me a while to figure out how to wire it up to an other ps but now it runs. Have got it on 48 rails and it sound well, good i have to say. (low volume mind you)

Thing is, there are some things not clear to me, what the original rail voltage was for one and bias and dc don't act the way I think they should plus... thing's just is as cold as can be, only thing getting warm (hot? about 50 degrees C) are the resistors whitch feed the opamp(s)

So, I still feel something is a miss but not sure where to go from here. I'm not that experienced and a DMM is my tool of choice :)

Hoping someone on here know's these devices like the back of his/ her hands.

Tnx in advance.