Some works about me

Some words about me...

Hello DIY fans,

Here are some words about me :)

I am an electrical engineer working in the telecom industries (Nortel Networks) on 3G wireless networks. I live in Montréal (Canada).

I am a DIY and HI-FI fan since 5 years. I built solid-state amplifiers, speakers and cables. I like all kind of music, but more specifically I like jazz and techno music (oh no you will say!). My other interests are imported cars and house renovation.

I visit this site since the beginning and I hope it will become more and more helpful for the DIY community. I hope I will be able to share my knowledge with you and continue to learn a lot from you.

See you!
French language DIY

Bonjour, je part du principe que vous étes francophone.
Si c'est le cas pouvez vous me répondre.
Je suis spécialement interessé par les amplis Nelson Pass comme le ALEPH3.
Et je pense qu'il est plus évident de faire un regroupement des francophones sur le sujet.

Avec grande impatience.