some transistors of interest


2005-08-26 12:43 am
Some questions on transistors:

wht's the bjt with highest beta you've ever seen, and whats its beta value?

Mine is the bc549c with 493.2 of beta. I think there are some with higher, but i don't know

what's the highest early voltage bjt you've ever seen? and the lowest?

what are the lowest and the highest Is bjts??

and there are many other questions we can make about it, post yours please.
Check 2SD2375 from Panasonic, it has a typical Hfe of 1000, it's rated at Vce=60V and Ic=3A and is commonly found in simple zener-transistor voltage regulators in oriental equipment. I don't know any similar standard part so I have to replace them by darlingtons everytime I find one blown.