Some speaker driver measurements...

Yevgeniy how do you like the Puriwave?

I've finished my Purifi 2 way and very satisfied with it.

I finished the PuriVawe project in February and didn't have time to publish it in full. I hope to do so in the coming months.
I am also quite happy with their sound. Viawave tweeters are something special in terms of clarity, detail and softness. They are the best true ribbon tweeters I've ever heard.
BlieSMa have anounced new 3" dome midranges:

I wonder if I could hear a difference when crossed under 3khz with 24db or steeper slopes when levels are matched. They all seem to work well below that point. Looking forward to the review!

The Al/Mg with the peak tamed would work quite well as a mid-tweeter for a small acoustic guitar/cello/bass amp. Paired with a Hypex plate amp and Purifi driver....clean broadband 110db peaks from a tiny point source package.
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2017-11-18 9:59 am
Prices have been posted on the DIY Loudspeaker Pad on Facebook for the Bliesma 3” dome mids with availability from Feb/Mar 2022.

380Euro for the Silk/Paper/Aluminium and 650Euro for the Beryllium (each).

Bit to rich for me (have to add import duty/VAT and handling, close to Volt 752 territory for the basic three) so will be sticking with the EM1308.
Pair of Volt 752 costr 1090 euros for a pair (VAT included).
Bliesma M74S/A/P will cost 920 euros for a pair (VAT included).

So a 170 euros cheaper per pair. it is worth it even if it measure the same as Volt 752 - though i do expect much better performance out of neodimium magnet and modern motor design

Your testing database is growing to be the biggest most thorough on the Internet. Thank you.

Where do you get your drivers for testing? Do you purchase them yourself?

Is there a way for Hificompass members to donate money or purchase drivers and have drop shipped to you for testing?

I’d like to see measurements on vintage drivers like XLS 850452, as well as modern Dayton RS225, W19NX, RSS390HF
Better for less? Winner winner chicken dinner.

Has anyone seen measurements on the NS1000’a Beryllium dome?


troels. The datasheet has it too.

I actually just got one of these. Sadly I think it is broken. It won't play loud.

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